Etro fabrics

At Gaivota you will find a wide collection of decorative materials such as Etro fabrics. The brand Etro is known for their unique designs which are usable as upholstery. The fabrics are especially well suited for drapes and cushions. In addition, the fabrics can be applied to armchairs in order to create truly unique and inviting furniture.

Ever since 1968, when Gimmo Etro founded the brand, the artistic brand has encouraged all manner of artforms. It is a true Italian family enterprise. Jacobo Etro (Gimmo’s son) stands at the head of the fabrics department. Design, luxury and impeccable quality are the core values that define Etro. The label features the in 1981 introduced ‘Paisley’ print, which has grown to become an iconic feature. The prints feature kaleidoscopic patterns in bold colours with an Eastern flavour.

Not only do we deliver all the various materials, but also provide expert advice. Additionally Gaivota is the only dealer located in Haarlem.

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Etro fabrics products can be purchased in our store and webshop.

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