Coming home to a warm and busy house on a cold winter night, or arriving at your country house after a long drive for a weekend of rest. It is the warmth you feel when seeing a good friend amongst familiar faces and belongings. That feeling of coming home is the quintessential quality of Flamant.

This pleasant brand re-creates the essence of the feeling one gets when coming home and does so in a way that incorporates today’s standards, harmony, and hospitality. Core values and family traditions are an essential source of inspiration. The warm union between classic and modern styles define Flamant.

Over the last years, Flamant has grown to become more than just a brand. It is a way of life you want to partake in. As in the ever changing currents of life, so do the Flamant collections. Evolution, innovation, and upcycling are amongst the company’s core values.

The collections provide a diversity in styles and revolve around a wide design spectrum. From classic, country, and Gustavian to modern, vintage and urban design. Past and present are seamlessly blended together in perfect harmony; a perfect combination of innovation, simplicity, and design.

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