Gien tableware

Tableware is available practically anywhere but it pales in comparison to the refined products of Gien. These beautiful decors, quality finished, colours, and possibilities are exclusive to Gien tableware. Gaivota possesses Gien’s most extensive collection. Our basement has been decorated in the warm French style and displays the entire collection. Our inventory consists of multiple special items.

This typical French company was founded by an Englishman in 1821. As is usual for a ceramics factory it is located on the shore of a river, the Loire. It is indisputable that Gien tableware has a very particular appearance and is loved by many.

Gien is renowned for hand painting each individual piece and incorporating natural themes (after which they are usually named as well) and beautiful, exuberant designs. Aside from the natural themes, beautiful imaginative designs featuring colourful characters, such as Sologne and Océan are created as well.

Additionally, two stunning thematic product lines which are more than worth mentioning are the Christmas ‘Holly’ and hunter ‘Rambouillet’ tableware collections. All in all there is an abundance to choose from between the various different collections.

Gien tableware Store

Gien tableware products can be purchased in our store and webshop.

Gien tableware products