Marie’s Corner

In barely 25 years, Marie’s Corner has risen to become a referential brand in the world of furniture. The company has always prided itself in its ability to combine different European influences and has really made it their own in terms of style; modern, chic, and elegant.

Marie’s Corner offers endlessly customizable armchairs due to the unique and traditional way they are built. A clear focus shows through their entire line of products: comfort, comfort, comfort!

The year 2017 will symbolically stand for the opening of the mind, supported by an energetic dynamic and new structure. The brand and its values, traditions and authenticity will remain strictly the same, yet a new wind will blow through Marie’s corner.

This year will be marked as a year that sees new innovative models en refined forms. The collection will remain to be an exposé of continuous craftsmanship.

View the Brand’s beautiful line of products beneath. The products can be bought online. You are also more than welcome to visit our shop on the Krocht in Haarlem! Our interior design specialists are happy to advise you.

Marie’s Corner Store

Marie’s Corner products can be purchased in our store and webshop.