The breathtaking Élitis wallpaper was founded in 1988 in Toulouse, France by Patrice Marraud des grottes. Apart from his love for the Greek islands, the sun and the blue ocean and sky, Des Grottes has a fascination for words. Because of this he named the brand after the Greek poet Odysseas Elytis, who united both aspects in his poetry. Above all, Élitis is a true pioneer regarding innovative wallcovering. The underlying philosophy is that one has to be a brave and innovative explorer in the world of wall decoration. The surprising collections always have a sense of discovery.

With the modern wallpaper by this exclusive French brand, any surface is sure to be transformed into something truly special. The collection is bursting with bold prints that take you to unexplored places and cultures. Additionally, the use of intricate and surprising patterns gives a real warmth to your walls and the use of bold colours truly transforms your walls into pieces of art. The wide variety on offer makes it so that the collections are suited for any type of decor; modern to country or rugged and industrial. Élitis gives your home that special extra touch.

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